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Specialists on people evaluation and development | ADDA

Experts on assessment and development

What can we do for you?

Our solutions

Building efficient teams
Identifying and developing talent, setting career plans
Preparing people for change
Developing leadership competencies
Selecting the best candidate for the job
Improving cooperation between teams and organisational units

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Lumina Taster Day
30.5.2017, Bratislava, Hotel Ponteo Rusovce

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About ADDA


We are one of the founders of competency approach in selection and development of people in Slovak and Czech Republic. We brought our know-how about competencies and AC/DC methods from USA more than 20 years ago. Since then, we continue to develop it through implementation of classic AC / DC, virtual AC / DC and 360° feedback projects. Our method is unique and based on longitudinal management research.

Our vision

To be a number one in providing innovative tools for the reliable identification of the potential of individuals, teams, organizations and afterward in implementation of effective solutions.

Our mission

We help our clients to recognize and develop human potential of their employees in allignment with their company vision.

More than 20 years’ experience of our know-how and continual development of our employees
allows us to direct the development of individuals and teams. We try to demonstrably influence their performance and results to support your business.
Our partnership approach, openness and respect towards client’s goals and visions
has become the attributes that our clients recognize as one of our top strengths.
Flexibility is our great domain and it’s based on our individual approach and personal commitment
that we bring to every project. It is manifested in communication with our clients, in planning of phases of our projects and in adapting of content of each training and AC/DC according to specific needs of client.
Meaningfulness is our first and fundamental value and it is necessary part of our work.
The meaning of our work is to help our clients and provide them with real added value, results and satisfaction within the evaluation and development of their people.



Môžem meniť svoje správanie a ostať autentický?

Môžem meniť svoje správanie a ostať autentický?

Práve mám rozčítanú knihu Trusted Executive. Autorom je kouč, konzultant a líder John Blakey (známy zásadnou zmenou pohľadu na koučing tzv challenging coaching), najnovšou knihou...

Koučing môže otvárať cestu k zmene školstva

Koučing môže otvárať cestu k zmene školstva

Keď niektoré termíny začnú prudko naberať na popularite, prináša to veľké riziko, že sa zahmlí ich skutočný význam. To sa momentálne deje aj s koučingom (keď...

Keď nové výzvy prinášajú radosť: Prečo inovujeme v roku 2017?

Keď nové výzvy prinášajú radosť: Prečo inovujeme v roku 2017?

Práve doznieva obdobie, keď v nás ešte rezonuje vstup do nového roka a s ním spojené úvahy ako ďalej, čo by bolo dobré v našich životoch zmeniť.  Čítajte bez...